D-Boards, was Established in October 2015 to engage in the business of Wood. Based in Mkalles, Beirut,

The Company’s main products include Wood, MDF, Plywood, Veneer and Laminated Chipboard.



D-Boards is a first class product, top of the competition, and we plan on keeping it that way with the aid, support and dedication of our staff members and customers.



The here at D-Boards, we maintain a strong relationship with our clients, even after our business is concluded, because we believe a strong foundation with our clients is the key for our success.

All of which are highly professional and dedicated members, with the common interest of best  serving the client and the company pushing the limits to reach new heights, and keep the company on top while at the same time satisfying the needs of the customer.



People are the heart of our business; To ensure we live up to this Core Value, we’ve assembled a group of passionate leader “Alain Bou Khalil” who guide our company with respect, empathy, and open communication. Together, they foster a culture that promotes personal and professional development, respects a positive work-life balance, rewards competitively, and celebrates success at every level.

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